Wangdue Tshechu

Bhutan Dreamland Tours



Day1.Arrival at Paro/sightseeing

Day2.Drive to Thimphu

Day3.sightseeing in Thimphu

Day4.Drive to Punakha/Wangdue

Day5.Attend the full day Festival

Day6.Drive to Paro

Day7.Hike to Taktshang



Wangdue Phodrang is located in central Bhutan and the Wangdips are known for their beautiful Lozeys (ornamental speeches). Among them the most notable Lozeys are the sorrows of Gaylong Sumdar Tashi, and Pemai Tshewang Tashi. The Wangdi Phodrang Dzong was built in 1639 by Zhabdrung Nawang Namgyel at the confluence of Puna Tsang chu. Unfortunately, the Dzong was lost to fire in 2012. The three day long annual Wangdi Phodrang Tshechu is not only witnessed by the people of Wangdi but also by people coming from Punakha and Thimphu. The Tshechu is also an occasion to for everyone to partake in entertainment and revelry besides its religious significance. Raksha Mangcham or the dance of the Ox is the main attraction.



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