Crane Festival

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Day1.Arrivel to Paro by Drukair

Day2.Drive to Thimphu

Day3.Sightseeing Thimphu

Day4.Drive to punakha

Day5.Drive to Gantey/Phobjikha

Day6.Attend festival and drive to Trongsa . This day usually falls on 11 November to coincide with 4th HM's birthday celebrations.

Day 7.Drive to Bumthang

Day8.Sightseeing Bumthang

Day9.Drive to Punakha

Day10. Drive to paro

Day11.Hike to Taktshang (tiger’s nest)




  • Cultural Programs by local people and by school students

  • Crane dance by school students

  • Mask dancer by the monk body

  • Environmental drama and songs

The annual Black-necked crane festival is held every year in Phobjikha, Wangdi Phoddrang, on 11th November. The festival was initiated by RSPN since 1998 in an effort to promote community based-sustainable tourism in the valley and to raise awareness among the visitors and local community on the importance of crane conservation. It is also an occasion for local people to sell goods/handicrafts, socialize, rejoice, and celebrate the arrival of crane in their valley.


With an inception of the integrated conservation and Development program (ICDP) in the valley, the festival becomes an integral part of the Ecotourism component. Since then, the festival has also been geared towards providing an avenue for the community to generate extra income. The festival has helped raise money for the community fund managed by the local community group, the Phobjikha Environment Management committee (PEMC), which will be utilized by the community to manage their resources in the near future. The festival also helps raise fund to sustain the festival itself.


The crane festival is organized by the local community group and it entails lot of logistic arrangements and coordination and usually involves several people, including school children. The festival generally comprises variety of cultural shows like traditional dances and dramas related to the cranes, and mask dances. The crane dance performed by the children during the festival is the most amusing and entertaining part of the show. The festival is witnessed by people from all walks of life including tourists. It is becoming a big tourist attraction and is something for local people to be proud of.

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