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Bhutan home-stay may be defined as a form of accomodation which allows visitors to rent rooms from local families. Itis commonly used by those people who wish to improve their language skills and to become familiar with the local lifestyle.


Bhutan home-stays give visitors the option to spend nights in a traditional Bhutanese family home providing them the benefit of close interaction with their hosts by spending time with them. It is the best way to benefit local communities directly whilst it allows visitors to get to know the part of Bhutan which otherwise is not accessible to general tourists. It also allows our local hosts in getting curious to meet new foreign guests as a welcome interruption to their daily routine. Moreover, the hospitality, food, tea and local alocoholic brew served from their kitchen is priceless.


Apart from that we are continuously working on the betterment of people in the villages from the revenue generated through tourism. Furthermore, we look forward to providing young blood the knowledge of local history and traditions by making them aware of the heritage homes in Bhutan.


Through Bhutan Homestay we not only make heritage homes accessible for tourists, but also make efforts to keep histories and traditional values alive for the younger generations who are living away from their own families and traditions.




When we talk about facilities which we offer in a homestay in Bhutanese villages you cannot expect to be accomodated in a standard tourist hotel or guesthouse. In Homestays, you will see simple rooms where you would have to sleep on floors in the same manner as the local family members. Toilet and washing facilities are still outside with no hot running water.


Bhutanese are generally some of the wonderful hosts whom you will like to remain in touch with. You will receive a very traditional reception at their home and will take you right in their kitchen to warm your hearts with a wonderful welcome drink.


So, if you are interested or planning on a homestay tour in Bhutan, then be prepared to indulge in the basics of a village life to make the most of your stay at our homestays.


Itineraries are normally drawn up upon requests from our clients at the time of booking a tour with us. Please, do write to us and allow us to show you our Homestays and enjoy an experience of a different world.


Tashi Delek.


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